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Rest assured that qualified nutritionists have designed our range of food supplements for you. All our products are made to strict GMP standards to maintain a high standard of quality and safety.


We're working hard to bring you quality and informative articles as well as info-packed emails. All our educational articles have been written and researched by a qualified nutritionist.


Our products are made here in the UK, with ingredients are sourced worldwide. We are not involved in animal testing or unethical harvesting methods. Our ingredients are clearly labelled to UK regulations.


You can count on us

All Healer’s Gold supplements are manufactured in the UK to GMP standard to ensure consistently high quality and safety.

Our supplements are

Healing starts on the inside

To recover from tiredness, fatigue, burnout, a weakened immune system or poor overall health, we know (and you probably do too) that:

  • You need to eat healthy foods for a healthy body and mind.
  • You need to boost with food supplements to replenish and support your body.
  • You need to make changes to your lifestyle, because otherwise everything will stay the same.
  • You need to focus on improving your mental health just as much as your physical health.

30 day happiness guarantee

If you’re not completely happy for any reason, you can send your order back within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked!
See our policy.

Letterbox friendly design

Our slimline bottle design fits through most letterboxes, uses less plastic, and is easy to carry or store. Our bottles can be recycled with your usual plastics.

Free UK Delivery

Spend over £40 and we’ll deliver it to you for free!

Someone who knows ...

The driving force behind Healer’s Gold is Kate, a former complementary health practitioner who knows from experience just how it feels.

“I can remember what it was like to be desperately looking for a miracle cure. It was exhausting. I’d spend hours looking for answers, as if I wasn’t tired enough already.”

“I enjoy helping people on their wellness journey. Supplements have helped me a lot, and that’s why I’m happy to offer you Healer’s Gold Supplements.”

“Healing starts on the inside. Replenish, rebuild, restore is my motto.”

powerful and positive energy

The gemstone Healer’s Gold is said to emit a powerful and positive energy, at the same time as providing protection against negative energy.

It has been used by healers to prevent them from feeling drained or exhausted during sessions, and to help channel and boost positive energy.

Healer’s Gold energises all the chakras and allows energy to flow freely.

Protection against drained energy whilst providing a lighter and healthier way of being is exactly what Healer’s Gold Supplements is all about, hence our name.

So now you know …


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"I need to know it's going to work"

Of course you do. We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy. See our refund policy for more details.
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"How do I know what it does?"

We do our best to give you all the information you need on our product page. If you still need help you can contact us with your questions.
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"Can I easily see the ingredients?"

Yes you can, they're written in the details on the product page.
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"I'm vegan/vegetarian, can I take your supplements?"

Many of our supplements are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They are all clearly labelled.
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"How will I know if I'm allergic to any of the ingredients?"

Our labels clearly show allergens in bold. We would always recommend you check the ingredients list if you are sensitive.
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"How do I know if the supplements will interact with anything else I'm taking?"

If we know of any interactions we will include the information on the product page. It may be best to check with a medical professional if you have any concerns.
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"How do I know if they will work for me?"

In all honesty, we can't guarantee that they will work for everyone. At Healer's Gold we don't make exaggerated or false promises. We want you to find the right solution and that's why we offer you a 30 day happiness guarantee.
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