About Us

Vegan-friendly food supplements, lovingly made in the UK

Ginkgo plant leaf and natural supplements

Our Background and Ethos

Caring for your health is important, but not always easy. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health is just as important as physical health, but it’s all about balance. We are working hard to incorporate all elements into our website, articles and emails for you.

We want to be part of the Kindness Economy where we put people and planet before profit.We weren’t happy with the idea of joining the masses selling random supplements, with no real thought behind the business apart from getting people to part with their money.

Our founder is Kate, a holistic therapist. She enjoys spiritual practices, and working with moon cycles, herbs and plants. She was naturally drawn to focusing on supplements that we call ‘nature’s secrets.’

Nature’s secrets are the foods, plants, herbs, roots, or flowers that might not be part of scientific trials or mainstream ideas. Over time, many have been forgotten, or disregarded. Some of them may be part of our everyday lives but we just don’t realise how precious they are.

They’re part of the wisdom and history of our ancestors or native tribes. It’s these gifts from nature that the wise woman in the village would prescribe for ill health. Sadly, people in the western world in particular became scared of this wisdom, and she would later be persecuted for her knowledge.

We suggest that you use your intuition and knowledge when choosing. We are not allowed to claim health benefits that haven’t been scientifically proven (think CBD oil restrictions), and that’s okay. You may have to do your own research before purchasing some of the less well-known food supplements we’ve chosen for you.

Mother nature knows what’s right, and once in tune with your inner self, you will too.

We hope that you enjoy your experience at Healer’s Gold Supplements and the range of food supplements we have chosen for you.

Kate and the team at Healer’s Gold x

Our Mission

To bring you quality food supplements whilst proudly being part of The Kindness Economy.

To navigate our way using intuition and kindness to create a sustainable and happy way to support you on your journey to wellness.

Our Vision

People and planet before profit. We want to make a difference by giving something back. We’re not big on Black Friday and ‘buy more stuff”.

5% of every sale will be donated to Friends of the Earth Charitable Trust via Work for Good.

Our Name

The gemstone Healer’s Gold is said to emit a powerful and positive energy, at the same time as providing protection against negative energy.

It has been used by ‘healers’ to prevent them from feeling drained or exhausted during sessions, and to help channel and boost positive energy.

The Healer’s Gold gemstone energises all the chakras and allows energy to flow freely.

It felt right to embrace all the positive aspects of such a powerful gemstone for our brand name, especially with Kate, our Founder and Managing Director coming from a background in holistic therapy.

Healer's Gold Gemstone