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The Secret to Happiness and Enthusiasm, Every Day

We spend our lives chasing these elusive goals, only to be disappointed to never achieve them. You tell yourself you're not good enough but that makes it worse. Here’s something really simple that you can do ...

Are you longing for the day that you spring out of bed feeling refreshed? Do you truly hope and believe that if you can achieve this then you’re one step closer to the perfect life? That’s all great but it does put an awful lot of pressure on you.

Maybe you are convinced that everyone jumps out of bed like a 4-year-old, and that must mean there must be something wrong with you if you don’t?

We spend our lives chasing elusive goals, only to be disappointed to never achieve them. It’s very easy to chase ‘hardcore’ goals, and when you don’t meet your perfefct standards, you are left feeling like a failure, like you’re not good enough.

This pattern can repeat itself throughout your life in different ways. You may constantly find yourself in the same pattern of believing that other people have achieved the ultimate lifestyle and routine, and that you are missing out on the big secret.

“You can’t wake up feeling like a 4 year old every day because you’re not. But you could wake up like a happier adult with a few simple adjustments.”

Obviously there are things you can change in your routine, like not drinking alcohol the night before, going to bed early, making changes to the bedroom to make it more restful, wearing earplugs and an eye mask to block out noise and light. There are many practical changes you can make.

What you do when you first wake up is important

If you wake up in a panic about everything you need to do today, or with a sense of dread about the day ahead then you’re on a back-foot straight away. If your first thoughts are negative ones, then how are you going to get through the day feeling happy and energetic? It’s not easy, far from it sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice if things were different though?

Here’s a simple but effective exercise

A 4-year-old would think of this as a game, give it your best shot. Just notice 5 wonderful or beautiful things about your life or your environment today. It can be tricky at first but this is something you can practise at any time of the day. It works best when you first wake up though.

Your mission today is to find 5 things to be grateful for.

Try not to make it into a competition with yourself. There are no prizes in saying things that you think you’re supposed to, like being grateful for your partner, children, job, parents etc. You might well be grateful for these but they can also be very triggering. It’s best just to stick to really simple things that you can see, hear or feel around you.

Here are some examples of things you can say to yourself to get your day off to a good start.

If you’re doing the commute to work, school or somewhere else then notice things on your drive. You can do a combination of saying thank you and noticing nice things.

On waking up

I’m so grateful that I had a bed to sleep in last night.

These covers are so soft and warm.

I’m glad I’ve got some heating.

I’m pleased I was safe all night.

Give thanks as if the world is working for you, not against you.

Thank you traffic lights for staying green.

Thank you nice person for letting me out at the junction.

Be observant about nature

What a beautiful flower, how lovely.

What a lot of different shades of green there are in the trees.

Find something happy about your transport choices

I am so lucky that I can sit in my car listening to my music on my journey.

I am so lucky to be able to catch a bus instead of walking.

I’m so lucky that I’m able to walk, see nature and people-watch.

I’m so lucky that I don’t need to join the commute today.

Observe people and buildings around you

That is such intricate brickwork; I’ve never noticed that before, it must have taken ages.

What beautiful hair he/she/they had.

I’ve never noticed this pattern on the pavement before, that’s nice.

If you work from home or don’t need to leave the house for whatever reason then you can think of a list of indoor things to be pleased about. The feeling of the water on your skin in the shower, that you have adequate time to get ready, that you didn’t have to join the queue of commuter traffic,

Positive thoughts can really make a difference

The list is endless. There are things in life that seem boring that we can still give thanks for!

You could give thanks and be grateful for lighter traffic than usual, having time to wash the dishes now instead of coming in to do them tonight. Getting clean clothes out to wear, being warm, feeling safe, not rushing. Working nearby, or working a long way away so you get time with your music or to think, or not working.

You can really find so many things to feel grateful about.

Give it a go right now!

Supporting you on your journey to wellness,

Kate and the team at Healer’s Gold x


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